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Ever read a story that was nothing more than an everyday occurrence that helped you  to stop and take notice of a person, place, or thing?  Each month in our newsletter, we try to include a little story like that to help you stop and take that little special extra time to appreciate or enjoy a special moment.  Here they are again to help you pause... 

If you have a special moment that you think others would appreciate, please feel free to send it to:




As you know, I do spend a considerable amount of time before this computer in rather quiet surroundings. One day I heard a rattling sound coming from the other side of the room. Soon I identified that it was coming from our stovepipe. Then came a thud and some more noise from inside the wood stove! Thank goodness there was no fire in it! With a flashlight in hand, I slowly opened the door to investigate this intruder. Quick as a flash a starling flew out of the stove into the room. Equally fast, Jodi and our cats went on the hunt, as the hapless bird flew around close to the ceiling. The bird, the dog the cats and myself went from one side of the room to the other, back and forth, as I tried to protect the bird from the salivating animals! Each was having visions of supper on the wing. It was nip and tuck for a while, until I caught each of the predators and locked them away behind the door! That wasn’t easy with all the cavorting going on by all of us. Once the starling and I were alone in the room, I opened two doors and persuaded him out with a broom! So much for quiet surroundings that day!

This Association was started when John and I began searching for the Siamese I had  a few years ago.  Some of these Cat Capers are about Appleseed Mi Serenity, who is the culmination of our search.

"We had an old chair that I decided to re-upholster myself.  One of the large cushions was stuffed with goose down.  At the same time I was attempting to contain the floating billows, I transferred them to the new ticking.  Serenity must have smelled the feathers.  Entering the room with her head high and ears pricked, her movements bespoke, "Oh!  Goodee!  This is something new I can really get into!"  By the time my chore was accomplished both of us had become equal members with our fine feathered friends.  Plumage covered us.  A little brushing with my hands solved Serenity's grooming problem.  A vacuum cleaner was required to clean up myself and the room. As I attempted to catch floating fuzz, the most puzzled look came across Serenity's face.  I could easily read her thoughts.  "Gee!  I know this lady as some what of a cleanliness nut, but now she is vacuuming the air!"  All in all, the two of us had a wonderful time, giggling and swatting our way through the adventure.  Lately, I swear, Serenity has been dreaming of a pillow fight!

While beginning to mix cake frosting, I was called out of the kitchen by the familiar "beep" of the clothes dryer.  Upon my return I found a large pile of powdered sugar had been scooped out of the mixing bowl.  Who was the guilty culprit?  I turned on my Sherlock Holmes investigative powers to follow the tell tale signs.  A trail of powder encircling kitty tracks marched across the kitchen counter, over the kitchen floor, and onto the living room carpet to a spot where Serenity sat licking her paws. The answer?  It's elementary my dear Watson!  It's our Siamese.  

It was a quiet evening here at Tullycrine.  The supper dishes were being done.  the master of the house was taking care of the nutritional needs of our four legged family.  Into this tranquil routine came a persistent rustling sound from the adjoining room.  Earlier that day a package had arrived from a cat toy company, containing our order of cat nip toys and a container of that magical kitty "stuff".  The box was placed on the dining room table, supposedly out of harms way!  Further inquiry into the noise resulted in the discovery of Serenity, her body half buried in the box, snooping through the contents.  With a quick toss of her head and a flash of her paw, out popped a carrot.  Flying off the dining room table, Serenity scurried off in hot pursuit.  She had made her choice.  The rest of the evening was delightful chaos as cats and toys flew everywhere.     

One of our members was resting in bed, trying to get over a cold. Thinking her owner was asleep, the cat laying beside her got up and looked in her face, then walked over to the TV and turned it off.  This was a deliberate act with full knowledge of what the cat was doing.  This was the one and only time the cat turned the TV off!  What a wonderful example of concern and ingenuity!         

Fsst, mmmum, eest!  The message was mysterious.  Could it be a secret admirer?  Yuummm, esesett, eer.  No! That's not it.  The marshians must have landed.  Eeeep, mmmmmmmm.  This answering machine must be out of order.  Ah! Wait! There is a paw print on this button.  This is how it was discovered that a Traditional Siamese (name with held to protect the guilty) was leaving messages on a telephone answering machine.


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